Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I got on my first plane after waking up exremely early on Thursday morning. Boarded the smallest plane I've ever ridden (mine was the only seat in its row on the left side) and rode quickly to Chicago. Apparently we took the scenic route in, which was awesome. (Photos on Facebook). Then a long, uncomfortable plane ride across the ocean, where I landed at Heathrow. The Royal Caribbean travel advisor lied to me about the hours of the bus to get to my hotel, so I had to make an irritated phone call. The operator told me to take a cab. I got into my hotel room at 1:30am London time, where I couldn't sleep due to some combination of nerves, a loudly snoring roommate, unhelpful time change, and heat. The next morning I ate breakfast, provided by the company, and took the hour-and-a-half bus ride to the port. I got on the ship just fine. More to come about sign-on and training...

My Scottish boss says "cheers" all the time, so that's how I'll sign off.


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